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it's that time of year

i find myself thinking more in 'seasons' than in months these days :) i suppose it's because i am starting to think in terms of 'gardening' instead of just grocery shopping. i really hate grocery shopping. and, i have a feeling more and more folks are feeling the same way because i have seen reports at various news agencies about the rise of the backyard garden here in america. suburbanites taking back their yards from the sculpted hedges and flowers with names i can't pronounce that aren't indigenous; urbanites container gardening and taking vacant lots for community plots- family farms hanging on by a thread and attempting to go organic.

that has got to irritate big ag quite a bit. but i don't care. i have no desire to put genetically altered, hormone and antibiotic stuffed meats, dairy and vegetables in my mouth. i suspect many other folks don't either. at any rate, it's a trend towards more self sufficiency- more awareness about the environment but also about our own relationship with our planet and nature- and how we effect each other.

and, while i know that evolution takes a long time when left to it's own devices, i honestly see the writing on the wall for the right wing mind set. negative, mean spirited, aggressive, sociopathic power hunger along with greed isn't going to survive in a world where we are going to have to work together to simply to exist as a species.

and, i, for one, will not be sorry to see that dinosaur- um elephant- go extinct.
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