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Welcome To The Corporate States Of America

(Further elaborating from Mark Prime's previous post on the matter)

That's right, my American friends - it is now official, thanks to your SCOTUS.

I hope you enjoy your authoritarian, corporatocracy-driven, security and surveillance state.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Discloses It Spent $123 Million In Lobbying;

U.S. Chamber of Commerce celebrates its ‘influence’ over Massachusetts Senate race;

Wall Street Investors Lavish Scott Brown’s Campaign With Money, Get Out The Vote Operations;

Big Banks Spent $24 Million Lobbying in 2009;

Hedge Funds Post Biggest Year In A Decade, Are Sitting On $77B In Cash;

JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion;

Morgan Stanley: A Weak Year, But With An 'Astonishing' Bonus Figure;

Failure Often Guarantees Future Rewards;

Banks lobbying against a financial crisis responsibility fee also planning to pay out big bonuses;

Jobless claims surge to 2-month high;

Suburban Poverty Surges;

Goldman Sachs Profits Hit $4.8B, Pay Up 47 Percent Over 2008;

Consumer Protection Agency in Doubt;

In The Service Of The Corporatocracy;

Big Pharma: Carpetbagging At Its (Worse) Best;

Obama Retreats on Health Care;

Pelosi: House can’t pass Senate Health Care bill now;

McConnell On Health Reform: ‘It Would Be Good For The Country If It Failed’;

Whistleblower reveals how insurers can game healthcare bill;

Largest US health insurer’s profits rise 30 percent;

Secrets of the Immigration Jails;

The Pervasive And Pernicious Influence Of Corporate-Owned Media;

The Manufactured Doubt Industry;

More On Corporate Selfishness And Self-Interests;

Self-Interest In Climate Change Skepticism And Everything Else: Proof Is In Teh Money;

US tech companies urged not to support censorship;

Warning: Internet Censorship Coming Soon ... If Not Already Here;

Because Infringing On Privacy Is A Lucrative Business;

NYPD routinely arrests students for non-crimes;

FBI broke law for years in phone record searches;

GOP Is Overjoyed At The Unprecedented Influence Corporations Will Now Have In Federal Campaigns;

Acting In God Faith: Doing God's Work (Again);

"Doing God's Work";

Reloaded Again: And The Blackmail Con Game Continues;

... And The Continuing Blackmail Con Game Keeps On Going;

Because Slavery Is Such A High Profit, Low Labor Cost, Business ...

War Incited Or Waged By Corporations?
Indeedy - welcome to your Corporate States of America.

Welcome to your Corporatocracy.

Hope you enjoy it ...

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