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Unprecedented Corporate Interference (written by Change Congress)

Yesterday's Supreme Court decision allowing unprecedented corporate interference into the electoral process should serve as a wake-up call to anyone concerned about the integrity of our democracy.

With the American people's trust in Congress already at a historical low, and an avalanche of questionable contributions about to enter into our political system, it may soon be impossible to determine why members introduce, support, or oppose pieces of legislation. And the cloud of money surrounding Congress will only get thicker.

It's tempting to do what many in both parties have already done: throw up our hands and declare this a lost cause. But there is a path forward.

Larry Lessig, founder of Change Congress, wrote a piece for the Huffington Post explaining the consequences of the Court's decision -- and outlining the next steps our country should take. Please take a few minutes to read his essay, and forward it along to everyone you know who's troubled by the state of our democracy:

The Citizens United decision has made our work at Change Congress more important than ever. With your continued support, I'm hopeful that we can help build a political system free of the taint of special interest money and influence.


Monica Walsh
Development Director
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