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winter solstice doldrums

i don't know where we are headed- no one does- but i find myself wondering if any of our ancestors stood on the cusp of their future and looked at their present with such depression. don't you feel it in the air- that air of what i feel is exhaustion? you have folks who fought against- or simply lived during- the last 8 years of terror and fear and now, the last year of disappointment and constant negativity. no wonder this isn't a merry season for so many. you won't hear it in the msm- but there is so much loss here in america, i really believe most adults are trudging into the holiday season with dread rather than joy. many have lost their jobs, homes, or integrity to keep the other two; many families are battling bankruptcy or medical issues or have a loved one who isn't here- perhaps in the armed services, or have passed away- or divorce.

why do we have to take our misery out on each other? i talk to people all of the time who work with folks who are so unhappy, they make the work environment hostile to others. no one dares quit as they need the job. folks rip each other apart because of skin color, sexual preference, religion, or political viewpoints. really? we really aren't the united states of america anymore and haven't been for some time- i guess we are simply americans- as are the canadians, folks in iceland- and all of south america. we have about as much in common.

i'll be honest, i won't reconcile my feelings for folks who are mean spirited, miserable, and shortsighted- which pretty much encompasses 3/4 of the folks who call themselves americans. the self centeredness of the culture has caused me to withdraw. i have a feeling that the burned out exhausted folks wish they could too.

i find myself increasingly with little to say. i learned long ago that folks don't want to hear the truth if it interferes with their lifestyle. i doubt that has changed. everything i write- i have written on many occasions over the last 4 years or so that i have blogged. i genuinely hoped people would change with a regime change- not obama or the congress but everyday people--- and of course, they haven't. the war on christmas has been stoked up yet again and we still are hearing the same right wing slant to everything. hard to stay positive with a steady dose of negative.

there is some hope- the obama admin has done many positive things quietly- as the msm doesn't cover much positive about our first family. there have been disappointments for sure- but it certainly doesn't compare with the previous lawless 8 years. we really should be focusing our attention where it really, really counts- local, state and congressional candidates. we can make a difference on a smaller scale. and really, the only reality we can change is our own.
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