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new year, new decade- new outlook?

as this year winds down, i find myself wondering about human relationships. we read daily about this group or another killing each other over differences or greed and we wring our hands and tell each other- 'if only they could see how much they have in common- they would get along.' very true- but we who live in relative peace fail to do the same. we don't 'agree to disagree' anymore and we refuse to see the other side on principle.

besides that, the holiday season is an excuse to get together with friends and family- and for some reason, we have decided it's a good idea to force camaraderie once a year. that wasn't really what got me thinking- many folks have passed or are ill this season in my piece of the universe. my husband got a call from good friends whom he hasn't spoken to in a few months- their parent passed the day after cmas of a heart attack. it struck him that he hadn't made the effort to communicate and neither did they and it took a traumatic experience to bring them around.

if we won't make treasured friends and family a priority in our daily lives, how can we expect there to be peace on earth in a bigger sense? if the relationships we cherish are so taken for granted, how can we expect our ideals not to be? we have seen our civil liberties eroded like our interpersonal relationships- and neither seem to phase us.

the song that always gets stuck in my head at this time of year- and it is a bit trite and annoying- 'let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me'- actually resonates with meaning when i look at the bigger picture. and i find that i am less tolerant of lame excuses of money or distance or busy lives as excuses not to keep a connection with loved ones. priorities in life should be in perspective- and all the excuses in the world can't make up for the life of someone who is forever gone.

something to think about in the new year...
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