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betmo's thankful edition

it's that time of year again where the leaves blow in the cold autumn wind and folks all over america suddenly get thankful for family and friends who get on their nerves the other 364 days a year. yep- it's almost thanksgiving. in the interest of full disclosure, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

i must say that i have been reviewing my life lately- as i have reconnected with my past over at facebook- and i am so very thankful i live the life i do. at this moment in my life, i wouldn't change a thing. i have good friends and a faithful, loving family who puts up with me- and i even have folks who enjoy reading what i write :) and, because i live in america, i am not the one getting blown to bits by americans over in foreign lands. i can live in safety because my countrymen are busy depriving others of theirs.

and, in full, decadent, american style- i am serving turkey with all the trimmings. all homemade because i have the luxury of time. i have time to devote the effort and love needed to make my loved ones happy. i have loved ones to make happy. i am indeed one of the most fortunate women on the planet. i did not say the richest- i said the most fortunate.

i hope everyone is thankful for what they do have- and takes a moment to dwell on that instead of what they don't have. namaste.
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