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The beautiful and peaceful GBMOJO

I just returned from a peace/song/poetry night
and had the great pleasure
of meeting and listening to
the musical duo called

Their (business) card reads:
"2 dynamic solo artists with
2 signature voices and
2 stand-alone styles for
1 beautifully blended performance"

I could not have said it better. I was blown away by their passion, their stirring voice(s), their soulful lyrics, and their mesmerizing mixture of African drum, djembe (pronounced /ˈdʒɛmbeɪ/ JEM-bay) and guitar. Voices that, when combined with such incredible music, were like swilling a fine wine. It was as if a pair of other world beings had touched down in Northwest Arkansas with the express purpose of delivering a brief encounter with true peace. Brief, yet sure to last me a lifetime.

I am asking you, Peace Tree readers, to please support Ginger and Bekah in their travels and their most noble quest for peace by purchasing their CDs, The Cocoon and Mud Blossom,or maybe a t-shirt or two...
I promise you won't regret the music (he says as he listens to the recently purchased CD, The Cocoon, featuring Ginger. I would have purchased both of their CDs, but, for obvious reasons, talent being among them, they sold out before I had the chance!)...

While you're at it, leave them a note of thanks (in their guest book) for their tireless journey.

The world could use many more like GBMOJO...

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