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question of the day

when is enough truly enough?

now, that can be taken several ways- but here's where my mind has been going- when is helping others crossing the line into enabling? when do you overstep and instead of building character- you build dependence? i know more than a few families who have a setup this way- helping out the kids even when they are grown with families of their own. i have heard from the lips of a couple of people- 'it isn't the little kids fault and i don't want them to suffer'- um, yes, but that's the life their parents chose for them- and you stepping in and breaching the gap isn't really helping anyone. food, water, shelter, clothing? how much should people give to others- and what constitutes true need?

i was thinking of abandoning blogging because i just don't have politics in me anymore. it doesn't matter to me anymore- but there's something about human nature that nags at me and puzzles me. the one question 'why?' has nagged at me for years and was the biggest reason i went into the business of psychology. biggest reason i got out too because damned if i ever figured it out. you put your hand in fire and get burned- why do you keep putting your hand in the fire? are there really that many masochists in our culture?

oops- that was more than one question :) any answers?
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